Asinou Mobile Application

The app serves as a digital guide to the church, allowing users to explore different aspects of the site. It showcases the results of ITN-DCH’s research and is presented here as part of the Outreach and Dissemination workpackage. The app was created in Unity, a popular gaming enigne, and uses Vuforia‘s augmented reality plugin.

The beta version of the Asinou app runs on Android 4.3 or higher. You will need to extract the .apk file from the .zip and install it manually, allowing installation from non-trusted sources.

You will need the target image below for the augmented reality feature – it can be printed or displayed on another device.

Please note: the app is still in development; ITN-DCH cannot guarantee that it will function as intended, and assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss of data. Install at your own risk.

Asinou App for Android

Click here to download APK